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August 21st, 2020.  MANA has released a statement against the bill as it stands.  We thank MANA for their support. Read about it here:

MANA Statement MA Bill



S.2863 (formerly S.1332) “An Act Relative to out-of hospital birth access and safety’ has passed in the Senate 

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“From the birthing people in MA. Please let your voice be heard!

✨If you feel strongly about birth choice and birth rights here in MA, here’s an action item @supportbirthchoicema✨

On Thursday 7/30/20, the Senate passed Senator Rebecca Rausch’s bill S.2863, ‘An Act Relative to out-of-hospital birth access and safety.’ Despite the title of this bill, it will not increase access to women choosing to give birth at home. The bill appoints a board to create rules and regulations for midwives. This is a slippery slope. Other states that have licensed their midwives have placed severe restrictions on women’s birth choice. For example, some states have made it illegal for a midwife to accept a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) patient, women of certain ages, mandated forced vaginal checks during labor, forced transfer if after 42 weeks gestation, etc.

Representative Kay Khan filed the same bill in the House, H.1948. This is our only chance to help the midwives by asking legislators to add the following 2 amendments to H.1948 to protect a woman’s right to choose to birth at home and to protect the midwives who care for them:

✨Amendment 1: Ask legislators to add the following clause: “Do not limit, with documented informed consent from the client, the licensee from accepting and providing care to any such client who seeks it.”

✨Amendment 2: A clause that protects the educational path to Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the Portfolio (PEP) and Midwifery Bridge Program (MBP). “Beginning January 1, 2021, obtain Certified Professional Midwife certification by completing a program or pathway accredited by MEAC OR obtain the Midwifery Bridge Program Certificate (MBP).

(This bill would disallow the current apprenticeship training and require elitist, expensive, white male medical originated education. This expensive, racist, class-ist education would create a severe class and race disparity on who could and couldn’t get their license, perpetuating the nearly 99% all white midwifery workforce.)