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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the democratic process is followed in regards to the licensure and regulation of home birth midwives. We aim to bring to the floor the voices of a large number of midwives, consumers and supporters and help them be heard. We believe that licensure is inevitable and a great portion of us are not against licensure. We are, however, against the language of H1948 as it stands.

We are fighting to preserve the core vision of the midwifery model of care which includes thorough patient education, informed decision making, including informed refusal, and personalized, compassionate care. We are against any bill being passed that has the potential to undermine informed decision making on the part of midwives and birthing persons. We also aim to preserve the traditional learning model as it is recognized by the national certifying body.

As such, Support Birth Choice does not support H.1948 until it has provisions to:
1. protect women’s birth choices,
2. have CPMs nominate CPMs for the Board of Midwifery, rather than “other organizations that rep CPMs”,
3. have a grandmother clause (and not just lead time to get more education),
4. adopt MMA practice guidelines and add to them rather than create new rules and regs,
5. eliminate additional exams beyond CPM, MEAC and MBP; and
6. eliminate fines and jail time.